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Take the Taboo away, let's talk

As a woman it's important to think about what I put in my body and what comes out of it. Women are having major breakthroughs in the f health and medicine field. Can you imagine where we would be without the courage of these women? It's funny to think all women have a vagina and literally every person came from one. It is said that over 50% of young women cannot properly label a vagina. It's sad to say that over 65% of women are not comfortable using the word VAGINA or VULVA. Those same women have never talked to anyone about their vaginal health.


How often do you gather with your female friends and discuss what's happening down there? There is an urgent need to have discussions about your vagina. We do not give enough attention to the issue women suffer. Sex is a natural thing and almost every adult engages in it, yet we do not discuss the problems that we have down there.


Be confident about using the word vagina. Not only is it a medical term but it is a actual word. We need to work together to break this "shameful" feeling. If you wondering about your vagina issues, it's highly likely you aren't alone. Most importantly don't be afraid to discuss your vagina health with your doctor. These insecurities that we face about out vagina is totally normal. Vaginal care shouldn't come with a price tag or be complicated.


We are here to help on your journey to vaginal wellness. Let's alter the way we speak, think, and feel about our vaginas. The Rose Pot Co. is here to help you and everyone women around you discover the greatness of your vagina.

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