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Bloom from inside.

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We have all been here before, between menstruation, sexual intercourse, and childbirth, the vagina withstands a lot. Changing hormones and pelvic floor issues to the mix, sometimes the vaginal area is anything but comfortable.

Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy said to cleanse the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating. Generations of women from many indigenous cultures through centuries have been passing down this sacred ritual to energetically, emotionally, and physically cleanse and nourish their yoni and awaken their Feminine Essence. During a Yoni Steam Ritual, you allow the warmth of selected and organic herbal steam to permeate and relax the sexual organs and womb.

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Remove the Taboo.

Celebrate Your Vagina.

Don’t Be Ashamed.

Make your vagina happy. 

Bring the spa experience home with The Rose Pot. Be free and confident in your own home. The rose pot allows you to steam on the go. No need to schedule appointments or spend hundreds of dollars on sessions. Feel confident, capable, and ambitious after every steam.

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Naturally bloom.

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By Taking Care of Yourself, You Bloom From Inside.

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Your rose holds magical powers! Place your order today. All orders ship after February 14, 2023. 

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